Monday, 25 March 2013

Postcard project continues...


I'm on day#13 of my drawing project now, and I've managed to keep them up each day...time is flying since starting, and i'm finding it interesting (and pretty pressurized!) to see just what I draw. The timescale is good too- normally I would mull over a design for a fair while and re-tweak (or normally totally scrap it!) but there is no time for that, oh no! That's quite scary for me, as having to put something out on the internet to be judged daily feels pretty here they are if you haven't been catching them on my facebook page each day as I post them...

Would love to hear what you think! 

Day 7

Day 8
He looks a bit storybook, but is actually terrifying...! The national animal of Finland, though I haven't seen any yet...where are you hiding?

Day 9
A nice plant who's shacked up with us & a small tile from a good friend back home...been sticking all my postcards on our wall, they're growing slowly each day like our own mini exhibition!

Day 10
This one is for explorers...

Day 11
Today I bring to the table a rather psychedelic whale...a combination perhaps of too much coffee/David Bowie/sledging today...!

Day 12
Fans of Day3/4 will be pleased- more lounging pets! Not sure if I would let a cat snuggle into my welsh blanket...probably would...

Day 13
I reckon fans of Day2 will particularly like this one? I've been painting them all in gouache & watercolours, in case anyone's interested! Hope you like it, this has eased the shopping urges I've had today...mildly!

Been so enjoying doing these, I think I might draw postcards forever! 
Back with future postcards soon! 


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