Thursday, 26 January 2017

Introducing Luna Hops

I spent last week painting one of Cotswold March Hare Festival's large hares, you'll know already if you keep up with my sporadic blog posting or social medias. My sponsors at New Brewery Arts, Cirencester kindly let me use the pop-up studio as I wasn't convinced the fibre glass creature would make the journey up to Wilmslow in one piece. It was cosy and peaceful and I had a wonderful stream of folk popping in to see what I was up to. Lovely week!

I went about designing the hare in flat profiles in the hope that the design would wrap around the hare nicely- of course my mural projects are generally on a flat surface so that's what felt most natural to me, and luckily worked ok.

Along with New Brewery Arts the project was also sponsored by Corinium Ales and Geoffrey Carr Garden Design, so between us had a dream brief drawn up with the theme of this year's trail as 'heritage'. I looked at the history of brewing in Cirencester and old images of New Brewery Arts with it's former large chimneys and the Barrel Store which I'd already worked on the branding of, it was a no-brainer. 

After pencilling on where everything would sit, I went about painting in acrylic wreaths of hops and barley for making the ale, pub relics, brewing equipment in the most amazing copper and a couple of Cirencester ties- the hare mosaic from Roman times and Sophie Ryder's beautiful grey hound sculptures which (used to) sit outside.

My wonderful sponsors, Geoffrey Carr Garden Design, Yours truly, Tracey from New Brewery Arts and Lucy of Corinium Ales. All excellent people.

You'll notice I've only really got images of the hare from one side, but with any luck I will have a time lapse video of the whole process I'll be able to show you soon, excited for that.

I'm feeling a bit love sick since I finished up if I'm honest! Over the course of the week 'it' became a 'she', and we all finally settled on a name, 'Luna hops'. Luna, Latin for moon- being a moon gazing type stance, again with the local Roman links and a nod to Lucy's fabulously named (delicious) beers, and Hops, used to make the beer and a play on hares-a-hopping! Clever, eh? She's off for a high shine varnish at the car garage so she'll be able to withstand whatever the British summer throws at us, and goes on show with the rest of the 80 hares throughout the Cotswolds from March 25th this year, before getting auctioned for charity in the Autumn. Hope you like her, I can't wait to see the rest of the 'Flick'.

S x

Friday, 13 January 2017

Cirencester March Hare Trail

A belated happy new year to you! I hope you had a wonderful festive time, I'm easing myself very gently into 2017 and have some nice plans to tell you about...

I've been working on something quite different since Christmas, a departure from my usual flat walls, a large fiberglass hare! He'll form part of the Cirencester March Hare Festival where, once finished he'll join many others and become part of a public art trail which will encourage people to explore the beautiful Cotswolds. Why a hare, you ask? Hares have historical ties to the area, for instance the hare motif in mosaic works dug-up close by. You know I'm rather fond of them anyway, they crop up quite regularly in my work which means I'm pretty thrilled to be asked to paint a huge one! For details on when the trails are a-go, check the website here. I believe the launch is around Mother's day- what could be a nicer thing to do indeed? The hares will be auctioned in Autumn this year where they'll hopefully raise a tonne of cash for charities including National Star and historical renovation works in the towns and villages the hares have appeared in. I'm all for that.

Next week the nice folk at New Brewery Arts are letting me take over the pop-up studio next door, where you can catch me painting the large creature. Pop in and say hello! They are also the sponsors for my Hare, along with Corinium Ales and Geoff Carr Garden Design. Dream team. It's been quite a challenge thinking in dimensions and I'm not even sure how long it'll take me, but am sure up to doing something different to start the year off...

Will show you the progress shots soon, have an excellent weekend! S x