Monday, 19 January 2015

Some Valentine Inspiration...

Available in my online shop, these illustrated bits will last a lot longer than flowers + chocolate, though paired with a homemade cake, you're sure to be kept around! 
S x

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Studio Sale!

I'm happy to report my online shop's back OPEN and there's a studio SALE to sink your teeth into! 

Pick totes up for £6.95, cards from £1.50, tea towels from £6.00, art prints from a measly£8.50 and aprons are all £16.00. There's limited availability on some lines and free p&p for the UK as per usual, HAPPY SHOPPING folks! S x 


Hi all, and a very belated happy new year...! It's been a little hectic over here, and all change over Christmas- will try to make it brief! 

I moved back from Finland to the UK in November, very suddenly as my partner landed a new job in Britain, and I was due to fly back to the UK in the next few days anyway for work- cue ginormous scramble to get as much stuff packed and home as possible! ...No matter how much I try to plan and organize, life always seems to have a spanner chucked in the works, just for fun! Christmas is only my busiest time of year anyway...

Of course, I'm really going to miss Finland and the friends we made there, the place we made our home and where I found what I wanted to do creatively. I learnt a lot about myself in that cold-icey-beautiful place! We'll go back to visit, though I am so pleased to be living in the UK again after two years of flying back and forth. It'll be great for work- I've already got lots for this year planned and am excited I can commit myself to just being in one place and throw myself into everything! 

I'm now happily living in Farnham, which so far seems to be a lovely, creative little place (though we currently have only a couple of pieces of furniture and it's pretty much rained non-stop). If you have any tips and recommendations for living in this part of the world, look me up!

Some other things that happened along the way...
I was over at Gloucester Services again painting murals, this time in the butchers and some finishing touches on the shelves in the petrol station. Not visited there yet? You really must!

I was at home in the Cotswolds, where I herald from originally. I did a couple of stalls, did plenty of my favourite walk down to the post office with Christmas orders, saw lots of family and friends, and ate lots of good food. I love being at home.

I found time to do some stitching and making, something I was very happy about. I plan to do lots more...

Here's to a really great 2015, new home, new adventures! S x