Thursday, 30 January 2014

A fresh slate

I'm rather embarrassed to be wishing you a happy new year on the 30th can just about forgive me I hope! We won't talk about Christmas, that's long gone (but is was a good one, and thank you so much if you bought something from me/chatted at stalls/ followed me online and all the rest!) 

 One of the events I did over Christmas, Newark Park

And another at Berry Farm, Gloucestershire. This guy was rather good but I don't recall his name. Home is so beautiful.

I'm back in Finland and spent the first half of the month preparing myself mentally for the year ahead...visiting galleries to get inspired, knitting, cooking and making a dress (which I haven't tried since school!) Of course, this was all pure self-indulgent procrastination, but I'm absolutely sure that by doing other creative things really gears you up to finally get going again. It's funny, a new year shouldn't mean too much, but each time after the busiest time of the year I seem to awkwardly stumble into the new one! 

We've been here a year now (!) and there's snow on the ground, though bitterly not half as much as the amount we arrived to a year back (made getting about and organizing ourselves a slightly traumatic experience for me!) I feel a lot better and settled this time around. I guess I know what to expect and have a decent insulated coat this time around, it's been around -18C for a while now.

Some catch up photos...

Back to Helsinki- a couple of weekends ago the sea froze over again...I will still never be able to get over walking on it across islands and harbours (followed by mandatory hot chocolate)

At Birger Kaipianen's exhitbition at the Weegee Museum here...massive love for this mans' ceramic work. Following images are his too.

Just beautiful, I think you'll agree. I love ceramics, and have an even bigger respect for anyone that can work with clay after I took an evening class in it a couple of years ago...!

This blog post may seem a little thrown together and erratic, but my brain is currently running this way. Yesterday, I started my now annual '20 day Postcard Project'. When we got here last year, I cured some serious artist block by painting on blank post cards each day for 20 (because that's how many came in the pack I had, in case you were wondering). A sketchbook was far to empty and daunting right then. I'd rack my brains for something to paint on the postcards and post them onto Facebook each day so I kept disciplined and got some really positive feedback, as well as getting me through a sticky patch. Perfect! I'm doing it again. Today is day 2 and I will of course be getting around to putting them on here at some point, but you will see them first on my Facebook page here...look forward to having you hopefully. Wish me luck! X 

(Last years offerings)