Saturday, 10 November 2012

hello winter.


I've been a little slow on the up keep, but there's been new things happening I'd like to tell you about! 

I've become a fully fledged Pinterest addict, so if you're into that you can follow my favourite bits here. For visual, creative people it's just a dream and so inspiring...

There's also loads of new bits in the shop, a lot of which are one-offs so once they're gone, they're really gone. Perfect as special handmade gifts to friends & fam for our impending C******** time...! Have a look here.

Hand painted wooden snow globe brooches with bronze chain and freshwater pearl, perfect all winter long for years to come. THREE different designs, 'Deer', 'Cabin' & 'Skyscape'. See them all here

Microwavable pocket hand warmers, hand printed and made with linen, British tweed, wheat & rosemary- great for nippy walks & achy joints!

Festive & not so festive cards...

I'd really like to hear what you think of things?

A-side from that I have been kept busy with my art technician job in college and my birthday, which was enjoyed with plenty of wonderful people, food & fireworks. I was having my birthday around bonfire night, it feels a little like everyone's celebrating. I reached the quarter century mark- not sure when that happened. I really thought I'd be sorted by now...!

I was given a really beautiful moth necklace made by Elaine Day, a member in the Gloucestershire Guild of Craftsmen I'm involved with. I've always liked moths, they're sort of the 'under dog' of the insecty world, in the shadow of butterflies but beautiful & mysterious in their own winged way! I always prefer something someone has made, I think I'll wear it everyday.

 Speak soon, keep warm X