Monday, 25 March 2013

Postcard project continues...


I'm on day#13 of my drawing project now, and I've managed to keep them up each day...time is flying since starting, and i'm finding it interesting (and pretty pressurized!) to see just what I draw. The timescale is good too- normally I would mull over a design for a fair while and re-tweak (or normally totally scrap it!) but there is no time for that, oh no! That's quite scary for me, as having to put something out on the internet to be judged daily feels pretty here they are if you haven't been catching them on my facebook page each day as I post them...

Would love to hear what you think! 

Day 7

Day 8
He looks a bit storybook, but is actually terrifying...! The national animal of Finland, though I haven't seen any yet...where are you hiding?

Day 9
A nice plant who's shacked up with us & a small tile from a good friend back home...been sticking all my postcards on our wall, they're growing slowly each day like our own mini exhibition!

Day 10
This one is for explorers...

Day 11
Today I bring to the table a rather psychedelic whale...a combination perhaps of too much coffee/David Bowie/sledging today...!

Day 12
Fans of Day3/4 will be pleased- more lounging pets! Not sure if I would let a cat snuggle into my welsh blanket...probably would...

Day 13
I reckon fans of Day2 will particularly like this one? I've been painting them all in gouache & watercolours, in case anyone's interested! Hope you like it, this has eased the shopping urges I've had today...mildly!

Been so enjoying doing these, I think I might draw postcards forever! 
Back with future postcards soon! 


Monday, 18 March 2013

A postcard round up.


It's day #6 of my postcard project and I've been religiously drawing away each day, so thought I'd update the situation on here in case you had missed them on facebook ,where I've been uploading them each day. 

Being just over a quarter of the way through my 20 days is pretty daunting but I'm really enjoying drawing regularly and the response from you all. It's amazing how easily I feel I've slipped into it when I was finding it so hard to draw anything I was ok with since we moved to Finland. Perhaps the pressure of having to produce something to show, or the smaller area, or it naturally came back? Who knows. Most hard is deciding on what to draw that day, but it will be nice to look back and decipher how I felt each day and what I was thinking about...

I've written in the commentary too so you get the background story. Let me know what you think!

Day 1
A guy we saw on the way back from the supermarket the other night.

Day 2
I have been reading a MARIMEKKO magazine I picked up this sunny morning, it's very nicely printed onto some newsprint & full of nice things...

Day 3
Blue skies have inspired a good dose of some colour, but I miss my beautiful orange friend at home...

Day 4
A fellow carpet appreciator, as yesterday, though I don't think they'd share...

Day 5
Down at the beach here in Espoo, Finland. I can't wait until the snow has melted & I can see what this place really looks like.

Day 6
 I had to tell myself this a lot when I arrived here with my two suitcases...! (You might recognize the birds from the cardboard pair I posted a pic of a while ago? They're still up as a reminder of how far we've got since!)

This is what I was on about- I made them from cardboard boxes we'd acquired through moving before we had any internet and I had to wait in for our washing machine to be delivered! 

They're all rather different, but I kind of like that. I've used Indian ink, white acrylic ink, watercolour & gouache art supplies are finally replenishing themselves here! Would love to hear if you've got a fav?? 

Back soon! X

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

A personal project.

Today I decided to start up a small personal challenge: I give to you 'The 20 day Postcard Project!'

Each day I will draw onto a postcard, simple as that. The idea is to get me drawing again regularly- what with the move and a hellofalot of new information to take on board, my creativity has been a little stumped of recent. Even with the numerous amount of new galleries and exhibitions I've visited in Helsinki and hours I've spend trawling the web for divine inspiration, I haven't felt happy with anything I've done there such thing as creative overload? I think a total  blank canvas here has got me thinking too hard about what I want to do now...

A postcard is rather less intimidating & throw-away than a hefty sketchbook full of blank pages, where each to me feels as important as the last visually- massive pressure! It's also a lot smaller format than I'd normally work on, which will be interesting...and less chance I'll get bored half way through the work! 

Today was Day 1, here's a guy we saw on the way back from the supermarket the other night.

I used ink & pen. Would love to hear what you think of bits, I'll be posting new work everyday on my facebook page & will round it up every so often on here. Excited about the project already! 


Monday, 11 March 2013

Monday confessions...

I confess, after swearing to write more often, quite the opposite has happened, and now 3ish months later I don't even know where to start. Those that follow me on facebook will be fully aware of my gallivanting, as is a little easier to keep on top of regularly I find. But for those of you who don't, I'm sorry to keep you in the lurch. Here it is: 

I moved to Finland on December 28th with my lovely animating fella who landed a job here, and I decided to come along too. We had about 2 weeks to decide, pack and get on the plane, and aside from having to give up my job and say a brave goodbye to friends and family, it was a fairly easy decision- I love to travel and with Helsinki earning it's World Design Capital last year, how exactly could I not??

Good news is, my Etsy shop is still open for business & shipping hasn't changed as is still posted from the UK, hurrah! I really look forwards to trying out some new work too- it's the perfect opportunity to do exactly what I'd like to do now, and scratch up on things I would've done differently the 1st time around. Lucky me!

It hasn't all been plain sailing, I miss home a lot and am so impatient with being able to get on with my work here. With two suitcases of belongings each to bring, I made the hard decision of what exactly I couldn't live without for now...strangely cleansing really! Another obvious change is the temperature- we've had it as cold as -28C, a little nippy to say the least! It was funny to watch facebook's reaction as the snow settled in back at home last month...! We are looking forwards to the midnight sun come the summer, see below. We will certainly deserve it!

Here's some of my photos from so far...

Here's me in my two coats walking across the sea (will never get over being able to walk on the frozen Baltic!)

Days like these are so good for the soul, the light is incredible

No, I haven't done this yet! Nutters.

Such an amazing, different place to exist. We have a tiny but perfect studio flat looking out across snowy pine trees, I could watch them sway all day...

Will write with news soon, promise! X