Friday, 27 January 2012

Happy weekend!

The week has flown, and that's really not allowed to happen when I need to squeeze so much into it! This week I've been working on some exciting jubilee ideas, soon to be revealed...

...a friend's wedding invites (see the sweet little fabric trees; she's getting married in the forest and I can't wait!) We've sat down and looked through so many invite ideas together, seen so many smart, same-old designs and decided that these handmade ones would reflect the day perfectly; casual, relaxed and fun- plus it's been lovely to have a few evenings of glueing and snipping and getting excited about the big day! (except for one evening we spent coaxing the missing kitten down from a tree with a rather large ladder & a torch...) Anyway.

Some new art prints made their way into the shop, a limited edition lino cut of my Singer sewing machine design after a few requests from the tote bag fans, and also my large archival Cirencester print ready to grace your walls...

There have also been several hours staring blankly at Pantone charts, an enjoyable exhibition over at The Brewery Arts by The Oxford Printmakers, and a bit of painting. That's a general round-up, more soon! Tomorrow it's 'bring your boyfriend to work day' as we're off to Rapture & Wright (where I print for a few days of the week) to shoot a 'behind the scenes' video of what goes on and how their beautiful fabrics are created- will share with you when it's polished up and in its full glory! 

Have a lovely weekend! S x

Monday, 16 January 2012


Another nice surprise- I am page 131 of Etsy's Spring Look Book for this year! Have a browse through and you'll be sure to come across some lovely new bits, as well as a couple of interesting reads from designer makers towards the back...So exciting to see what people are up to in this miserable climate (financially- today's a beautiful bright day here!) X

Friday, 6 January 2012

A nice start to 2012...

A very (belated) happy new year to you all! Hope Christmas was relaxing as it could've been; mine was spent with family playing Scrabble, eating far too much and a good stomp in the countryside before a nice quiet week in Wales around new year...feels like a long time ago already!

I'm back in the office sorting mostly my first tax return out, (oh, the glamour) though my day was saved yesterday when I heard I'd been included in Channel 4's list of 'top 10' makers to watch and invest in for 2012 on Folksy! Such amazing, exciting news, totally ready for 2012 now after my slow crawl into the new year! 

Lots of things to report to you in January, it's turning out to be quite a busy month which is surprising so will keep you posted as bits evolve...This is a small sneak snippet of a 40th birthday commission I did for a client's best friend just before Christmas...

It ended up being nick-named 'the love token' and was so beautifully thought through, with just about every important aspect of my client's friends life entwined together including places she'd lived, first cars,the names of her children and husband and other bits and pieces along the way. It was printed absolutely huge and was so lovely to work on, especially before Christmas when we all need reminding of the important things in life! 

I'd love to do more personalized illustrations like this, I'm thinking wedding presents, retirement gifts and 'big' birthdays. Interpreting and digesting photos and information that people have given me to work with is a nice challenge and I end up feeling like I know these people inside out! that a little too creepy...?! 

So...back to the book keeping. May all your wishes and dreams come true this year, make it a good one! X