Tuesday, 20 December 2011

It's begining to look a lot like Christmas...!

Finally, a photo of my newest studio addition as promised. This rare stationary moment was caught whilst she was asleep on the ironing board, exhausted from 're-arranging' the Christmas tree...enough said! She is so sweet and absolutely exhausting!


The Christmas shipping date has now been and gone and things are starting to wind down. I've been finishing up a few Christmas commissions including this one for a friend's boyfriend who adores vintage racers; this one's a little like my vintage 'lady bike' cushion, but a male model on a canvas frame. Have to say, I love this and it was pretty hard to let go of it! I may well be making some more, let me know what you think...

The polariods on the tree are old ones of my mum dressed as an angel when she was little and me with the cousins and a rather creepy looking Santa...I love having these out, they provoke a few chuckles on the way past and are a bit different to the trusty bauble!

Our festive offering this year- you can find the cushions, prints and stockings in the shop!

Those who follow these ramblings may recall the evening ceramics course I said I was doing last term? Well these little houses are the (small!) fruits of my labour, along with lots of other wonky pots / useless vessels / indescribable...things! Had lots of fun doing the course, and looking forward to whatever 2012 brings! 

Heartfelt thank you to everyone who has supported me in my first year of trading, it is evident (as I sit down to sort out my tangle of accounts over Christmas!) that 2011 has been such an adventure, so much fun and just brilliant- I'm so grateful that after graduating only last year, I have been able to make a go of this creative malarkey! Couldn't do it without you- have a fabulous Christmas and all the best for 2012! X

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Give away!

Get a FREE pack of my illustrated Christmas cards when you spend £25 or more in the shop!

Think Guinea Fowl Aprons for the foodie in your life and smart tweed pocket warmers for hosts, dog walkers and boyfriends; pocket mirrors and tote bags for stocking fillers- Give handmade this Christmas for something truly unique and memorable...

Offer lasts until 17th December! X

Friday, 2 December 2011

Distractions & more Christmas shopping opportunities...

Phew, what a week! This will be my very first Christmas selling, as last Christmas was the very start of my creative endeavor... so far, so good- my favourite part being all of the lovely events and people I get to meet at the Christmas markets I've been doing, the mulled wine and awesome food which make the stressful panic-making part more bearable! Luckily my work with Rapture & Wright eases off at this time of year as normal people take a break so I can plough through dozens of hand warmers, tote bags and aprons! (see what I'm talking about here)

It may have been the worst timing to even consider introducing another member of the family to the mix, but I'm being very distracted indeed by the lovliest blonde kitten who came courtesy of The Cats Protection League...she's utterly gorgeous and is into everything. Will have to post a picture once she stays still for 5 minutes!

Thought I'd let you know about another stall i'm holding at Prema Art Centre, Uley near Stroud 11th Dec, 2-6pm. Super excited about this one, there looks to be some amazing bits so I'm sure i'll be able to get the majority of my Christmas shopping done here too! See you there! X