Wednesday, 13 March 2013

A personal project.

Today I decided to start up a small personal challenge: I give to you 'The 20 day Postcard Project!'

Each day I will draw onto a postcard, simple as that. The idea is to get me drawing again regularly- what with the move and a hellofalot of new information to take on board, my creativity has been a little stumped of recent. Even with the numerous amount of new galleries and exhibitions I've visited in Helsinki and hours I've spend trawling the web for divine inspiration, I haven't felt happy with anything I've done there such thing as creative overload? I think a total  blank canvas here has got me thinking too hard about what I want to do now...

A postcard is rather less intimidating & throw-away than a hefty sketchbook full of blank pages, where each to me feels as important as the last visually- massive pressure! It's also a lot smaller format than I'd normally work on, which will be interesting...and less chance I'll get bored half way through the work! 

Today was Day 1, here's a guy we saw on the way back from the supermarket the other night.

I used ink & pen. Would love to hear what you think of bits, I'll be posting new work everyday on my facebook page & will round it up every so often on here. Excited about the project already! 


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