Monday, 18 March 2013

A postcard round up.


It's day #6 of my postcard project and I've been religiously drawing away each day, so thought I'd update the situation on here in case you had missed them on facebook ,where I've been uploading them each day. 

Being just over a quarter of the way through my 20 days is pretty daunting but I'm really enjoying drawing regularly and the response from you all. It's amazing how easily I feel I've slipped into it when I was finding it so hard to draw anything I was ok with since we moved to Finland. Perhaps the pressure of having to produce something to show, or the smaller area, or it naturally came back? Who knows. Most hard is deciding on what to draw that day, but it will be nice to look back and decipher how I felt each day and what I was thinking about...

I've written in the commentary too so you get the background story. Let me know what you think!

Day 1
A guy we saw on the way back from the supermarket the other night.

Day 2
I have been reading a MARIMEKKO magazine I picked up this sunny morning, it's very nicely printed onto some newsprint & full of nice things...

Day 3
Blue skies have inspired a good dose of some colour, but I miss my beautiful orange friend at home...

Day 4
A fellow carpet appreciator, as yesterday, though I don't think they'd share...

Day 5
Down at the beach here in Espoo, Finland. I can't wait until the snow has melted & I can see what this place really looks like.

Day 6
 I had to tell myself this a lot when I arrived here with my two suitcases...! (You might recognize the birds from the cardboard pair I posted a pic of a while ago? They're still up as a reminder of how far we've got since!)

This is what I was on about- I made them from cardboard boxes we'd acquired through moving before we had any internet and I had to wait in for our washing machine to be delivered! 

They're all rather different, but I kind of like that. I've used Indian ink, white acrylic ink, watercolour & gouache art supplies are finally replenishing themselves here! Would love to hear if you've got a fav?? 

Back soon! X

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