Monday, 11 March 2013

Monday confessions...

I confess, after swearing to write more often, quite the opposite has happened, and now 3ish months later I don't even know where to start. Those that follow me on facebook will be fully aware of my gallivanting, as is a little easier to keep on top of regularly I find. But for those of you who don't, I'm sorry to keep you in the lurch. Here it is: 

I moved to Finland on December 28th with my lovely animating fella who landed a job here, and I decided to come along too. We had about 2 weeks to decide, pack and get on the plane, and aside from having to give up my job and say a brave goodbye to friends and family, it was a fairly easy decision- I love to travel and with Helsinki earning it's World Design Capital last year, how exactly could I not??

Good news is, my Etsy shop is still open for business & shipping hasn't changed as is still posted from the UK, hurrah! I really look forwards to trying out some new work too- it's the perfect opportunity to do exactly what I'd like to do now, and scratch up on things I would've done differently the 1st time around. Lucky me!

It hasn't all been plain sailing, I miss home a lot and am so impatient with being able to get on with my work here. With two suitcases of belongings each to bring, I made the hard decision of what exactly I couldn't live without for now...strangely cleansing really! Another obvious change is the temperature- we've had it as cold as -28C, a little nippy to say the least! It was funny to watch facebook's reaction as the snow settled in back at home last month...! We are looking forwards to the midnight sun come the summer, see below. We will certainly deserve it!

Here's some of my photos from so far...

Here's me in my two coats walking across the sea (will never get over being able to walk on the frozen Baltic!)

Days like these are so good for the soul, the light is incredible

No, I haven't done this yet! Nutters.

Such an amazing, different place to exist. We have a tiny but perfect studio flat looking out across snowy pine trees, I could watch them sway all day...

Will write with news soon, promise! X


  1. Wow, I missed this news hehe! Oh what an adventure you are on! I hope you're not missing home too much but soaking up your new surroundings. Looking forward to the next installment :)) Han x

    1. Thanks Han! Yes, big changes...and the longer I left my blog the scarier it was to write on it strangely! I missed out on your big news too, huge congrats! She is a beauty, I hope you're enjoying every minute- and great to see you've had a bit of time for printing too :) S X