Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Answers on a postcard.

Hi! Hope you all had a nice Easter? Mine was a busy one with family from the UK visiting Finland to see us, lots of walking & plenty of eating as usual. Lovely. We're still getting such bright, sunny days here which I'm thrilled about, and even caught our 1st glimpse of the sea this weekend! (It's been solid enough to walk on-and still is in places. Will never get over that!) Feels like Spring is on the way here...

Here's the last lot of postcards from my 20 day drawing project.

Day 14:
Sometimes when I have no inspiration of what to draw, a quote will spark off something...(& painting my nails & a cup of tea!)

Day 15:
Today is day 15, and I'm thinking of spring at home in the UK...though hear it's not too spring-like at present there either... grumble grumble...here's some sheep!

Day 16:
A fox in some brambles. 

Day 17:
Some nice spring flowers after a sunny day here walking across the frozen sea.

Day 18:
Today is another lounging pet, there's quite a series of them now! This is a nice Airedale, I've always fancied one of them. Have you ever considered getting a portrait of a pet done? How about if he/she was on a nice rug?

Day 19:
Happy Easter one & all!

Day 20:
The last day of my project, another chinese proverb saves the day after a chocolate fueled weekend!

Feeling almost a little exhausted mentally from the strain of picking something to draw each day...but have so enjoyed. You see, for a creative person not able to convey this brewing urge is the death of all deaths. Slightly dramatic, yes, but I felt like a nomad after a month of not feeling much like drawing when I moved here...what.do.i.do? (Cue complete identity-crises-designer-strop) My fella deserves a gold star for bravery...and patience.

But I think it was worth it. Anyone who has followed my work will see it's pretty different now from this time last year. This has been the perfect time to start over, and like I've said before- learn from what I'd do differently from the first time around. That's not to say I'd change anything I've already done...it's just been almost like a social experiment to see what I would come up with here... 

The darkness and cold has brought out a load of colour I'd always been a bit afraid of using before at home in the Cotswolds (a bit of a Farrow-&-Ball-green / chicken bubble of a place!) 
I used a lot of colour before at uni doing Surface Pattern Design, where I had the time of my life. I also remember a day a visiting lecturer came in, who owned a fashion print house in London. On looking at my work, and then looking at me, she asked why a girl wearing a violet tie dye top was trying to be so un-feminine and graphic in her work. That really bothered me at the time, though now looking at something that's come straight from me, naturally, I realize & can come to terms with the fact- I am a girly girl. There, I said it...I will paint flowers & whales if I feel like it!

Go over to my facebook page & vote for your favourites! I love to hear what you think :) 


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