Monday, 15 April 2013

Of recent.

I've been totally into my work still since my postcard project, really enjoying (long may it last!) I've been able to get so much inspiration from just 20 days of work, and have been busy since tweaking and dreaming up what to turn these favourite part. It was a great way to work- sometimes I feel like my brain is so far ahead of things materializing, it was the perfect kick start. 

Here are some photos from recently...I'm trying to keep up posting on here more regularly!

We had a super busy but really nice Easter with two lots of visitors, so I found myself doing my Helsinki tour which is pretty perfect by now (If you're wondering what the heck I'm doing in Finland, see here and keep up!) It was also the perfect excuse to do some of the museums & galleries we haven't mooched around yet, so I'm feeling pretty cultured...

We also saw the sea for the 1st time since being here. Until now, it's been frozen solid enough to walk all over, which has been fun to stomp across the lots of tiny islands and take a gazillion photos! I've never properly lived by the sea before (except for at uni). It's pretty breath-taking and makes you feel quite small. Missing the little seaside villages and towns of the UK though- no fish n' chips to be found here...unless you want some slimy salmon. Not quite the same!

Anyway, I was thinking I should do my own version of my Helsinki tour on here, with all the design finds and good eateries I've discovered for you to share if you fancy a visit to Finland...I will when I have a mo...

Here's some worky bits...

Back soon with new product news and Stephanie Cole tours! X

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