Monday, 29 July 2013

Home comforts

I told you I would post about my trip home to the UK, which was a week ago now- I'm not sure where that went! Apologies, here are some sunny photos, I think we picked a jolly good couple of weeks to vacation on...our British summertime is normally much to be desired! 

We went to Fresh Air Sculpture exhibition at Quenington, Gloucestershire which I love each year it's on. It was SO hot, everyone swooned at the nice swimming pool there...I had a ginger ice cream instead to curb temptation. I'm normally fairly good at jotting down artist credits for my blog but today it all went out the window, sorry sorry sorry. There's a brill online guide at their website if you're fairly interested!

See the fish? I am drawing lots of fish at the moment...also loved the glass pond art above too. The grounds it's all set in is so beautiful and lovely for a stroll. They have a crazy pivoted bridge too.  

We then ventured to South Wales for a little while and enjoyed lots of nice sunsets, beaches and fish 'n' chips! I love Wales. It's sort of like Cornwall, minus the tourists.

Three Cliffs Bay, lovely to stretch the legs and get a lung-full of sea air! Below, windswept but happy at the Mumbles. I went to uni in these parts a while back, it was good to be back and sample Joe's ice cream once more!

Back in the Cotswolds, I dropped stock to all my lovely suppliers, had a good chin-wag and had amazing lunch in new cafe The Canteen. We scoffed a pile of flatbread with greek salad and loads of fresh Turkish inspired dips in the courtyard, I could happily do this everyday! Recommended, and super inspiring sat in between a cluster of salvage yard and vintage-type gift stores...

I did a stall at Bath Artisan Market mid way through to get back into things! We cooked slowly underneath a glass roofed old railway station but my new Farmers Market tea towels were a hit, as well as butterfly garlands (which are now in the sale) and everyone was friendly. As normal, we spent most of our takings on refreshments- I drank ice cream coke floats from a converted caravan shack and macaroons from a fellow stall holder, delish!

One day we headed south, and dropped into our favourite farm shop cafe, Cholderton Farm for hen topped coffees, the best bacon sandwiches and a barn full of chickens to eat amongst. We ended up in and about Hampshire which I hadn't really done before and was very pretty with it's little thatched villages. We had cream teas and I didn't feel much like going back to Finland, but alas, here I am back again!

So most of the time was spent eating...we needed our British food fill. I figured if we'd gone abroad we would've eaten way too much too, it was a proper holiday after all! 

Since being back in Finland, I've been busy scribbling new ideas and have my Christmas (!) radar whirling...sad but true! Next weekend we're going Russia way to stay in a cabin with some friends from the fella's work, fun! As always, I'll keep you posted. 



  1. Hi! I stumbled over your blog while looking randomly at Helsinki links. I think it was through Lionheart? Anyway, it's nice to see another ex-pat trying to get on in Finland. We arrived in December last year and are still finding our way. At the moment there is no water in the flat. I'm not sure who to call, or even how to SAY that there is no water. EXCITING TIMES.

    Anyway I'll enjoy seeing how you get along. And seriously, those scones and the Wales photos had me so homesick...

    Good luck with everything- I love your work!

    1. Hello there! How funny, we moved here in December too- in at the deep end ey! What brings you here?
      I've just spent a nice while looking at your blog, may I say, your photos are LOVELY, it looks like you're having the best time & made me fall in love with Scandinavia all over again :) I will look forward to seeing what you're up to!

      Hope you get your water fixed Finnish is pretty ropey (non existent) too. It sure is nice to hear from another Brit here!

      S X