Thursday, 18 July 2013

New tea towels & home love

Phew! I am doing my best to stay cool... had no idea the UK would be this blistering hot for the two weeks I've been home! Feeling pretty smug, the countryside is looking rather magnificent in the sunshine. Do I have to go back? (yes.) I will be sure to show you some of what I've been up to soon...

Before I do, I have a NEWLY illustrated tea towel to show you, available from this evening in my shop! Inspired by visits to the Farmers Market, my 'Buy local' tea towel is just the job for declaring your support for all things fresh and lovely! Here's your preview...

Screen printed in a smart charcoal colour onto crisp linen union and tied with twine, I am rather fond of this creation already, let me know what you think! Spotted the crafty mutt lusting over some sausages?

This is also my chance to give you a heads up for the studio SALE clear out I'm busy sorting through today, keep your eyes peeled for some handmade bargains from tomorrow!


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