Friday, 9 August 2013

This week.


It's been a nice week, though crazy-hot. I suppose I shouldn't complain...our winter here is still lurking in my mind (shudder). 

I've been doing some advertising work for events at the lovely Berry Farm based in the Cotswolds. It's been a nice change from the norm, a bit of drawing and a bit of typography...

This one was clearly just for me, I love cats as you know. My sister is forever sending me photos of what Lola the cat is getting up to at home in my absence...sigh!

At the weekend we went to a cabin sleeping 20 friends and had lots of fun, including fishing, game boards, sauna, grilling and hot tub. We also visited Porvoo on the way home which I'd wanted to do for ages. It's a little wooden town on the river full of cute shops, cafes and not much else, but it was sleepy and lovely to be there.

The fella also wizzed this nice whale up on our newly acquired sewing machine- isn't he clever? I posted a pic on my facebook page which got a load more interest than half the stuff I post on there! Geeez! I'd fixed these jeans up for him a few times and it was high time they either got chucked or transformed. He was inspired by a picture I'd pinned on pinterest ages ago, lots of distractions over there for a rainy day if you've not had a peep before...dangerous in fact.

This weekend is Flow festival in Helsinki, woohoo! Have a good one X

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