Thursday, 25 August 2011

To DIY for...!

I'm having a nice (kind of) productive couple of weeks away from working at Rapture and Wright as they're insulating the barn we print in. With the heaters on to dry the ink and in this heat (sometimes) we all forget how cold it gets out there so hopefully it'll be lovely come the winter!

I know it's a little late now as kids will be going back to uni/ college/ actual kids go back to school but I thought I'd share with you some online DIY project gems I've been meaning to do myself. There's some incredible design blogs out there. I save all of my inspiration in a folder, which I'll get round to exploring one day...some day! Perhaps there'll be time for one this bank holiday...?

Free People

I think these are all American sites...perhaps you've got some UK home grown favourites you'd like to share!

The Painswick exhibition came down on Monday and seemed to be a roaring success, I was very pleased with my little bundle of receipts and plan to take the winnings down to Cornwall for a week of roughing it in a tent. Bliss, so looking forwards to getting away!
Also made these to take down to Wales: White choc & raspberry blondies, blooming LUSH.

For the recipe click here.

On a business note, you can catch me at Beyond France's Vintage Textile Tea Party on the 9th &10th September. There'll be an open house full of fabric for crafts, vintage linen for upholstery, cushions and housewares, vintage tea party courtesy of Lavinia's Tea Party and several other makers including me! It also supports Women for Women charity, and will be a wonderful couple of days- pop in for a chat and a cuppa! X

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