Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Spring, that you?

Hello there! 

Well, it appeared that Spring had finally arrived here in Finland, though as I write this I look out onto a freak (and very unwelcome) flurry of snow. That aside, it's been glorious recently! I will never completely trust or understand the weather here. It seems every time I put my winter boots away and rejoice at putting my trainers back on (and start dreaming of bright coloured sandals of all things), we wake up to a few foot of snow again! Moan moan...

Anyway, with the promise of spring eventually on the way, I've been enjoying getting out a lot more, and have recently taken up Instagram, which now fully consumes a lot of my spare time! I'm late to the game, I know, but you can follow me at @stephaniecole_design if you're that way inclined.

I also picked up the embroidery I loved so much at uni again, started making dresses from the stash of fabric I hoard away and exercising a little. My mind's in overdrive in the evenings at new things I can make and dream up, then stops abruptly the next day when I realize only I would like and buy such a thing...anyone else have this problem!? There's a real freedom in producing your own work, but finance and belief in your work is such a killer.

I am however really happy with a couple of new bits I've added to my shop, fresh for spring, and I can't stop wearing the ones I've kept aside for myself! Introducing...

Sweet walnut wood Hare accessories, so perfect on knitwear, tees & the like! The necklace has a mint green sandstone bead, which I had lots of fun choosing. It's got a beautiful, matte speckled texture which I think is really unique matched with the wood. I think they'll also make the loveliest gifts for Easter, and will last a lot longer than a chocolate egg! You can shop for both here, amongst my other creations.

This week I also start work on a really exciting project. I can't say much about it yet but as soon as I can, all will be revealed...I also have a friends visiting Helsinki tomorrow so my tour hat will be back on, I'm getting good at this! Have a wonderful week, S x

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