Thursday, 10 April 2014

A happy Easter to you

A sweet evening project me and my in-house animator (the boyfriend) worked on, using my Hare brooches, some knitwear and cake sprinkles! Easter is almost upon us, which means sweet treats, the promise of lighter nights, warmer weather and for us, a trip to Stockholm! I can't wait...

Pick up a pen and drop your friends and family my Illustrated Hare or Spring Flowers card, printed in the UK on 100% recycled card stock, sport your Hare brooch or necklace and fully embrace this happy time of the year! x


  1. Hi there! I've stumbled across your blog and artwork and am completely delighted! I adore all your postcards - especially the owl, hare and ship ones and would certainly be interested in buying some. I'll watch this space. Am away for a few days now but will check back! Go you with the creativity! J9 x

    1. Hi Janine, so nice of you to leave a note :) I'm glad you found me! I have a shop you can buy through, link on the right of the page. Some of my postcard project's soon to become art prints too, so do check back! Best wishes, Stephanie x