Monday, 10 June 2013

Baltic adventures.

A yukky cold has landed so am having a slow day catching up on bits & pieces...thought it's time I shared a little of what I've been up to with you!

My family came to visit us here in Finland and we had a nice sunny week of hopping on and off of ships exploring Tallinn, Estonia and Stockholm in Sweden- a mini Baltic adventure! Both were so lovely in the sun and so contrasting to each other- Tallinn with its artsy feel and medieval spires, and Stockholm full of beautiful, smart dressed people, grand imposing buildings and hundreds of islands on the way back over to Finland, freckled with little painted cabins...which if you follow me on Pinterest, will know I have a small longing for!

Recommended! Finland itself is looking bloomin' lovely at present, I'm amazed at how fast the turn around from icy, lifeless bleak days to blue seas and skies and forests full of wild flowers has been. Quite remarkable! It doesn't get dark until around midnight which has taken some getting used to, and everyone is enjoying the light and beautiful weather- it's been 28C most days, and doesn't feel all that long ago since it was -28C! 

Have been doing lots of drawing out on our balcony and feeling rather blessed, happy days! This time last year, I was trying to juggle a job with my business and still living at home, seeing the fella on the weekends and when we could. Never imagined I'd be living in a different country and able to devote all my time and energy into what I love most. Life is strange and wonderful, now to shake this cold!

I have a new tote bag design on it's way to my shop- will share all soon enough...

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