Thursday, 29 September 2011

Decorex round up

Firstly, thanks to everyone who's voted for me in the Dorset Cereals Little Blog Awards. There's still  a day or so to go if you'd like to vote, it would mean a lot to me- love a bowl of Dorset! But seriously, it's great that people are bothering to read my ramblings; I'm not sure why people blog but it somehow makes sense of everything I've been doing (and is a fantastic distraction from doing the accounts). Remember, you can also 'follow' on the left side bar to hear about new products, competitions & events I'll be showing at...

I've been doing zombie jobs today after a manic few days in London helping the company I print for, Rapture and Wright showcase their wares at Decorex, an international interior design trade show held at The Royal Hospital, Chelsea. Absolutely. shattered. There were some great ideas on show and plenty of interesting people to talk to, so I've left feeling quite inspired. Though I work mainly in textiles, inspiration for us creatives can come from each and every spectrum of design. I wizzed round and took a few snaps of my highlights for you to see:

 The wonderful, British Rapture & Wright who showcased their three new graphic prints Feathers, Zig Zag & Berry (below). We hand screen-print Peter's beautiful designs onto Scottish-woven linens in Gloucestershire, offering a bespoke service and something rather special... (biased, me?!)

Other must haves included...

Love this chair at Luke Irwin

 Amazing relief tiles from Brussels based company, Emery & Cie

These British-made cisterns by Catchpole and Rye would turn an uninspiring bathroom into the talking point of the house! Love them.

Golran's beautiful re-purposed and re-invented rugs

 Andrew Martin's vintage and retro inspired interiors. Need that tapestry upholstered sofa!

I'm going to take advantage of my newly inspired thoughts and hopefully make full use of them- excited to get back to my evening ceramics course and have been meaning to have a go at a friend's wedding invites for ages now! Where do the weeks go?

Have a lovely weekend and do something different- be inspired! x

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