Saturday, 19 March 2011

Lavinia's Tea Party!

The super lovely and talented Lavina of Lavinia's Tea Parties turned a year older yesterday, and I was one of those fortunate enough to attend her own birthday tea! Her China and cupcakes are exquisite, all of which you can hire (and consume!) at your own special event, be it hen party, wedding, tea with the girls, Christening...when is there not a good time for high tea!? She also sells beautiful things at Etsy here and has a facebook page you can follow her various antics on.

What to give a girl on such an occasion?!

I took along my own offering to the shinanigans, but having run out of glace cherries for my upside down pineapple cake, I resorted to the kitchen cupboards and came up with a coconutty, pina colada/malibu inspired concoction (...lets call it Stephanie's Pinalibu Cake!) It also had a bit of mint thrown in..think I was confusing it with a Mojito- interesting to say the least, but it all went with no complaints!

 Tied up with brown paper and pink string, lovely!

A super nice evening :)
Listen out for a collaboration coming soon! x


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