Friday, 11 March 2011

Here goes nothing...!

(deep breath!) ...After years of  following several beautiful, lovely, inspirational blogs, (which I'll share with you once I figure out how!) I've decided it's high time I jump (stumble) onto the band wagon. So this is a hello and welcome! 

I'd like this blog to become an informal 'behind the scenes' of my creative journey into the past finishing Surface Pattern at university last year and finding my feet; what inspires me and other pieces of news which won't (and should never) make it to my new and wobbly website, which, incase you're wondering is

Things you might like to know:
  1. I screen print and make cushions, tea towels and such from my home (formally my mum's dining room-thanks mum!) in the Cotswolds, UK
  2. I finished uni in Swansea last June, so after faffing/panicking/moping for several months, this is what I've decided on doing with my's been fairly enjoyable and quite exciting so far (and keeps me off the streets at night!!) 
  3. For a couple of days a week, I screen print fabric meterage for the amazing (and British!) Rapture & Wright who design and print linens for interiors from a local farm- very pretty, very cold over winter (Spring? yes please!) 
I'm sure there's plenty more I have to tell you, but we don't want to put you off ever coming back again, so I'll leave it at this for now... Plus, I have a raclette party to head off to!

So yes, welcome and I hope you enjoy this here blog!

'till next time x

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