Friday, 21 April 2017

Shop Coupon Code and new things!

There's a host of new bits in the shop if you haven't stopped by recently, and a nice discount coupon you can use from today through the weekend! Read on to find the deets...

There's a new enamel pin to add to the flock, a sweet Alpaca- by now you'll know they're one of my favourite animals so it was only a matter of time...

Also a whole bunch of new cards for different occasions I had fun designing. I debuted them all at Manchester Print Fair at the beginning of the month and went down well with you lot, success! It was my first show in the city and was so happy with how it went, the line up of artists, illustrators and creatives was really impressive, and as the months go by since moving here, I'm feeling more at home.

The weather's been pretty grey since *that* weekend of summer we had, and as it's Friday I thought I'd treat you to a shop coupon code for 25% off orders of £6.00 and over through the weekend. Just use code: APRILSHOWERS17 at the checkout. 

S x

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