Monday, 17 October 2016

Wilmslow Art Trail 2016 in Pictures

This past weekend has seen me sat in a pub for three days. Not unusual for some, you may think, though this past weekend I've been in with the good folk at Brewhouse and Kitchen who have been my host venue as part of Wilmslow Art Trail, where various artists and craftspeople have taken over venues across the normally sleepy town...

To be honest, I'd never done such a thing and had no idea what to expect- my paranoia of being on display and in the public eye with other professionals in a place new to me made me all kinds of productive! I hadn't painted on a canvas in probably 10 years, but I did. I knocked up some screen printed cushions from an older drawing, I'd been meaning to for ages. I launched my new A to Z Wall Hangings, I'm very excited about. I painted my heart out on wooden blocks and got out of my jeans and into a dress, for heavens sake!

The feedback and encouragement from everyone who came to see my work along the trail was just fantastic, and I feel like I live in Wilmslow a bit more now, which is nice. Thanks so much to everyone who came along and said hello, and of course to those who organised the event and to The Brewhouse for having me!

S x

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