Thursday, 15 October 2015

Penguin Island

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A couple of weeks ago I had an amazing, dream-like time painting with Longleat Safari Park's gorgeous penguins! My mural illustrates where penguins live on the globe, some size info on the species and a little about the park's Humboldts, and will help the keepers in telling visitors about the little monochrome characters...dream job!

I can't wait to visit out of my 'office hours', the house, grounds and animals are really incredible. The Festival of Light coming up for the winter months is going to be a must see I think...

I'm straight back to reality and in the studio manically prepping for Christmas and my next painting endeavors. I'm also going to have to squeeze in another house move before Christmas and have a string of people looking around our rented place this week...there's no rest for the wicked it seems. I dream of the day we can just stay put!!

S x

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