Friday, 20 March 2015

Oh, hi Spring

Goodness, where has the year been going to!? I've been busy in and out of the studio and enjoying life in Surrey...though feel like I've been heading back to Gloucestershire quite a bit too for bits and pieces, I can't keep away.


Photos courtesy of Hobbs House Bakery

I spent a lovely few days working on some hand-scripted chalk boards to dress the counters in legendary Hobbs House Bakery. You can spot the work in full glory at their Chipping Sodbury and Tetbury shops in Gloucestershire. As expected, I'm now paying for a wonderful indulgent week- everything is just exquisite and a little too hard to resist...!


I've also been busy working on some new cards to add to the range, which have been very well received and selling with my lovely stockists and in my online shop already. 

I find it refreshing creatively to work on different projects and spend time working on site out of the studio. I'm very lucky most days are pretty different. I always wonder whether my graphic work and more painterly bits sit alongside each other well enough, then the thought goes and I find myself doing both anyway because it comes naturally. I suppose some things just lend themselves better to certain mediums...and some days I feel like painting in ink, sometimes in paint. Does that make sense? I'm working on a big mural project at the moment I can tell you about soon, and spending the rest of my time trying to get some new work of my own out- watch this space! S x

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