Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Mural work at Gloucester Services Petrol Station

I didn't show you what I was up to before coming back to Finland a couple of weeks ago. More mural work at Gloucester Services, this time across in the petrol station...

I worked with Westmorland and came up with the above design, a story about the company, the site and architecture of the building and surrounding area, and the stream of traffic from the M5 which will use the station. It took me a week to paint onto the till area of the build...

I've had real fun over in the services as I've been slowly bringing different areas some colour and life, mural work is my absolute new favourite pastime! It's so rewarding to see a large area transformed, and also feels the perfect paring as we share the same 'eat-well' and local, green values. You can read about some of the other projects I've painted at Gloucester services by clicking on the photos below...

The A-Z of Gloucestershire, cafe area at Gloucester Services

The Anatomy of an English Picnic, Deli area at Gloucester Services

Map of South-West Suppliers, Shop area at Gloucester Services

Do get in touch if you'd like me to paint something on a wall for you! 

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