Monday, 19 May 2014

A trip to Stockholm and some cabin envy

I'll admit and apologize, the blog has got a little 'work' heavy recently. I don't post as often as I'd like to, so perhaps not that heavy on you, but I think it's always good to strike a personal/work balance so you get a bit of the 'behind the scenes' and stuff that inspires me and subsequently, my creative work. Besides, I like keeping a blog. When I don't live in Scandinavia anymore, I can look back and oggle in disbelief at the photos I took for granted whilst I was here and long to return...

I've been doing some really lovely things now the weather's better, so as I'm waiting on some emails thought I'd share a round-up of lately. To my future self, it's wonderful here.

I didn't show you any photos from our trip to Stockholm at Easter, we had such a great time exploring the various islands that make up the city, wondering under the cherry blossom, sitting by the sea in amazing cafes and soaking up the sun. Time well spent.

In case you're planning a trip, and looking for some things to plan I can recommend visiting the Vasa museum, photo above. We aren't normally too fussed about visiting museums whilst on hols, but this was fascinating and really well curated. Swedes are too cool.

Also, Rosendal on Djurgården, photos below. It might sound a bit odd, sending you to what is in fact a garden center, but this was really my favourite day in Stockholm. It's a little difficult for me to tell you how to get there but it's worth the stroll out of town. Djurgården in general is a really nice place to walk, with some nice old architecture too. I'll let the photos speak for themselves. There's also great lunch to be had whilst here, in among the wooden glass houses and plants.

A rare one or two of me, hello! I think I love Stockholm more each time I visit. 

Back in Helsinki, the grass has grown back nicely after winter, finally, and everything is looking lovely. There's some great exhibitions happening and yesterday, Museum day, we visited the island of Seurasaari which is home to a host of cabins and wooden dwellings from all over Finland across the ages- dismantled, then reconstructed here. Anyone with serious wanderlust, or like me, cabin envy, stick the kettle on and escape for 10...

I mean, just look at that hanging ship! I was told there's 10 weddings happening in the island's wooden chapel this summer, how do I get an invite? 

Sigh... I will stop before this post becomes even longer! Life is good and I return to the UK for a fair while next week to do some work stuff you'll hear about soon. See you! S x

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