Tuesday, 4 March 2014

The Postcard round-up

Goodness! I have forgotten to upload the last entries of my 20 Day Postcard Project on here...sorry if you've been waiting patiently, it's been rather busy over here with in-laws visiting and the getting ready and recovering from that. We had a lovely time doing lots of walking and eating good things and squeezed in a boat trip over to beautiful Tallinn, Estonia too. It's back to work this week as I start to create new and exciting things for the shop, the best part! 

Here's the final few of the project, if you missed the first 15 do check them out further back, and be sure to let me know your favourites! I won't go into each illustration here, but if you're curious there's a running commentary of sorts over on my Facebook page to have a read over. They're all painted with a super small brush, watercolour and gouache paints in case you'd like to know...here we go:

Day 16

Day 17

Day 18

Day 19

Day 20

I won't lie, the last week of painting was a strain to keep up the stamina and decide on ideas for what to paint, but am pleased with a good handful of these and am now pretty chuffed I began. If you're in this sort of profession too, I'd certainly recommend doing a project like this; I've got 20 new pieces of work I didn't have 20 days ago, happy days! Will be able to show you some shiny new things you can spend your pennies on soon enough, if you like :) X

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