Tuesday, 22 October 2013

New tree decs...

We've had a wee smattering of snow over here! Brrrr it's getting cold...thermals at the ready! It has felt like the shortest Autumn I've ever witnessed, a week or two of beautiful bright yellow trees and blue skies, and now thrown into winter already...in October!

There is now just 10 weeks until Christmas, just to remind you! I've been spending my time wisely, cosied up inside drinking tea and getting ready for the Christmas events I have lined up this year. You can always check my events page if there's any which take your fancy, I love to meet you all! There's more dates to be added too so check back! My knitting I started to learn since being here is getting a bit better too now, Christmas pressies a-go! (lucky you)

I'm taking orders on my new tree decorations now for the next couple of weeks, so if you'd like one personalized  make sure you email me with your orders and requests! My email is stephaniecole[at]live.co.uk 

I've done lots already for first Christmases and personalized monograms, a special year and the perfect sweet gift...

Each one I've hand painted with acrylic paint onto natural wood slices, varnished and strung with festive string. They are £6 each including free postage to mainland UK and orders will be posted out in November. I will have some for the Christmas events I'll be at too, hope you like them! 

In other news, Society6 who you can buy products with my illustrations on from including cushions, note cards, tech cases for laptops, ipads and phones, tote bags and the likes has FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING through until this Sunday! I really like the new style tote bags, and my owl design is perfect for all your A/W carrying needs! Shop here...

Tonight I finally begin my Finnish speaking lessons. In December we will have been here a year. Still can't quite believe it. I'm hoping to add to my basic 'hellos', 'goodbyes', 'thank yous' and odd useless words and manic pointing...It's so easy to be lazy and British about language here because everyone's English is great, but I have to have a go, it feels a bit rude. Plus, I need to go home and impress everyone who asks! From now on, everyone is only allowed to speak Finnish to me so it's more of a necessity and I'm forced to learn, OK? ..wish me luck. X 


  1. a year??! crikey that's flown by! loving your new decorations! i'd love one or two for the madden tree this year X

    1. I know, where did that go!? I bet it's flown by for you guys too with the little 'un :) Would love to do a decoration or two for you, I feel so honored when people have something on their tree by me! Have a think what you'd like and let me know! S X