Thursday, 10 November 2011


Corr, a little shattered after such a lovely birthday weekend spent at Centre Parcs, whilst all my goodies were left in the safe hands of The Little Buckland Gallery, Broadway, who held a festive weekend sale of arts and craft bits. If only every weekend contained this much work and play! 

I'm always spoilt each year of course with fireworks, (having a birthday around bonfire night is the best- everyone wants to celebrate your birthday!) but watching them over a lake with mulled wine, chestnuts and then diving back in the swimming pool rapids is just awesome...

Autumn is so late this year...?

I got utterly spoilt and am most chuffed with my fancy electric toothbrush from little sister, who's a dental nurse, a beautiful new bike from the rents after my old faithful well and truly snuffed it (it was my nan's and my mum's before it was mine!) and lots of goodies from the fella- these are some pretty favourites...he is good!

Watch Swatch, umbrella Orla Kiely, oragami brooch hugaporcunpine, pj's La Sensa

Though the water was heavenly warm, I've landed myself with a nice cold, (swimming outside in November was asking for it really) which I've been desperately trying to shift in time for a talk I'm doing tomorrow at Swansea Met. Uni for 2nd Year Surface Patterners. Looking forward to being back, (I studied the same course here) having a catch up with the lecturers and visiting some old haunts and friends for dinner. Will try not to put them off too much!

I've also been busy making in time for fast approaching Christmas fairs, but if you can't catch me at any of these, there's always my Etsy shop here! When I'm finished buying lovely handmade bits from other artists for presents, everyone else is going to recieve chilli jam and dodgy ceramics made on the evening class I've been going have been warned!

Do you think it's too much to put one of these on my wish list?? So good...

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas! X

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