Friday, 15 April 2011

Local love

The power of our humble newspaper- what a busy week I've had! A story about my little business venture was published in this weeks Gloucestershire and Wiltshire Standard and everyday since I've had the best feedback; lovely emails and people dropping into the studio to see what all the fuss is about. 

The power and speed of the internet is truly fantastical, however, it's ever so much nicer to meet people, for them to see where their buys are created and to have the support of locals- after all, that's what I'm all about! Thanks everyone! Best get making...!

In the midst of the making frenzy I helped the wonderful Lavinia's Tea Party out with a hen party of 14 lovely girls (and boy) at a 'cottage' near Witney, Oxford...only to find the 'cottage' was a 14 sleeper mansion- sooo beautiful! We squealed in disbelief alllll the way up the tree lined drive, then set up the Croquet, Pimms, bunting and cream teas; Lavinia probably has the best job in the world! 

We were wondering whether it may have been Kate Middleton's hen party about to arrive...!

Tonight I'm doing a Zumba class- the best fun ever- before heading back off to Wales, have a lovely weekend all! x

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